Our Commitment to You

Reports to Referring Dentists:

Associated Dental Specialists keeps our referring dentists informed of their patients’ treatment progress. If treatment is not rendered, we notify the referring dentist by letter or phone when their patient is first seen in our office. Phone calls are made to referring doctors if events require or if immediate consultation would be beneficial. After completion of treatment, radiographic reports are sent and the patient is directed back to the referring doctor for final restoration of the treated tooth.

Fax Communication:

All of our offices are equipped with fax machines for better and faster communication with our referring dentists and between our own offices for patient information transfer. See the Contact page on this website or our directory of services for the fax numbers of each ADS office.

Emergencies Seen Immediately:

Emergencies are an unpredictable part of dentistry and can disturb a well scheduled day and inconvenience your other patients. When your patient has a dental emergency, ADS will see them immediately on the day they call. Referral for diagnosis and treatment can help you stay on schedule with all your own patients.

Patient Treatment Completed Promptly and Returned to the Referring Doctor:

Once a patient is referred to an ADS office, treatment will be expedited and the patient referred back to the general dentist for final restoration without delay. This allows the dentist to predictably schedule the patient’s treatment plan knowing that Endodontic services will be completed without postponement.

One Appointment Endodontics:

Our expertise allows us to perform one appointment endodontics. Recent improvement in treatment modalities such as magnification, high intensity illumination, nickel titanium rotary files, digital imaging and modern filling procedures allow many routine endodontic cases to be completed in just one appointment. Individual case circumstances and the doctor’s judgment will of course rule. As long as the prognosis is not jeopardized, arrangements can be made by letting our receptionist know that your patient would prefer one- appointment endodontics.

Specific Endodontist by Request:

We will make every attempt to accommodate a referring dentist who prefers their patient to be treated by a specific member of our team, or a patient who feels comfortable with a specific Associated Dental Specialists doctor. We are willing to do whatever it takes to make each patient’s experience comfortable and as worry free as possible.

An Extension of your Practice:

We want to play an essential role and be your partner in delivering quality care to your patients. The well being of your patient and your dental reputation are always, uppermost, on our mind. To accomplish this goal, we must be technically excellent, academically current and totally available. We at Associated Dental Specialists want to be considered an extension of your practice.

Being a Resource for your Practice:

ADS can help with consulting difficult cases, differential diagnosis or provide a first or second opinion on all endodontic related problems. By sharing Endodontic information from our advanced special training and experience we can support your dental team. Also, if your patients are traveling, we can help by directing your patient to an appropriate Endodontist in other cities, states or countries.

Sponsors of Lectures and Seminars/CE Courses:

Associated Dental Specialists sponsors lectures and seminars for dentists in Southwestern Pennsylvania. We present speakers who are knowledgeable in their field and who we hope are able to help dentists become current and informed of the changing technology and the latest research in the practice of dentistry. We are registered with, and approved by, the Academy of General Dentistry, so we are able to offer continuing education credits for our lectures and seminars.

Professional Involvement:

All of our doctors keep current and in touch with issues and trends in dentistry through their membership and participation in the American Dental Association, Pennsylvania Dental Association, Western Pennsylvania Dental Society and its various local and county branch societies. The American Association of Endodontists, as well as other professional and charitable organizations.