Our Commitment to our Patients

State-of-the-Art Technology:


We have assembled the most sophisticated high-tech endodontic armamentarium for patient care; ultrasonics, high intensity illumination, electronic records management, electronic handpieces, electronic measurement devices, nickel-titanium instruments, magnifying loupes, digital imaging and microscopes are used for endodontic surgery and conventional treatment. State-of-the-art technology is utilized to offer you, the patient, the best chance for treatment success.


All of our patient records are maintained securely and electronically, including patient demographics, Electronic Health Records (EHR), radiographs, insurance claims, and treatment reports sent to your dentist. We utilize a dental software program developed by endodontists for use by endodontists. Our doctors were consulted on the EHR development and instrumental in its implementation.


Microscopes are available in all our offices. They are very useful in bringing special illumination and magnification to the procedure being done. Small areas and parts of the tooth can be magnified from 2 to 32 times the image viewed by the naked eye. Miniature instruments can be used to work effectively in the most minute spaces which is critical for successful root canal treatment.

Digital Radiography:

All our offices are equipped with digital radiography systems. There are many advantages to the patient and the Doctor.

  • Radiation exposure is greatly reduced.
  • X-ray images can be viewed instantly.
  • Images are greatly magnified and illuminated helping in difficult diagnosis.
  • The patient can easily view their oral condition on the chairside monitor.
  • Images can be stored or transferred electronically.
  • Patient costs can be contained.
  • Patient communication and education is enhanced.

Experts in Retreatments and Surgery:

Long term healing of original root canal treatment can depend on many factors: original infection, fractures, timely and proper restoration of the tooth, and the bodys ability to heal completely. If original root canal treatment fails, for whatever reason, it can often be retreated successfully by an endodontist who may take a different approach to the problem. This approach may be surgical or non-surgical. Associated Dental Specialists doctors can offer a high level of expertise and complete advanced armamentarium for endodontic treatment and surgical procedures.

Post Treatment Supervision:

All patients who are treated by Associated Dental Specialists doctors are supervised until their symptoms are gone. The patient is encouraged to stay in communication until their problems are resolved. Periodic x-ray examination of the problem area is recommended either at our specialty office or at the office of your general dentist until everything is healed. All patients who have surgical procedures or who have complex conventional Endodontic treatment are periodically recalled to our office to make sure healing is taking place.

Patient Information:

All patients at Associated Dental Specialists will be well informed. At the examination appointment, the ADS doctor and staff will explain the recommended treatment thoroughly, answer all patient questions and alleviate patient apprehension. Written post-op instructions will be given to each patient after every visit. Patients will always be referred back to their dentist for final restoration of their tooth and continued care.

Extra Staff for Improved Patient Care:

We employ extra staff to decrease patient waiting and increase patient comfort. This allows the staff to spend more time directly with each patient helping them fill out forms or work through any insurance problems and also help calm their anxieties. All patients are contacted after their first visit to monitor their progress and satisfaction.

No Wait Appointment:

Our doctors skill and experience coupled with our master scheduling template enable us to promote and maintain No Wait Appointment schedules. In rare instances, for reasons beyond our control for example, difficult cases with unforeseen obstacles like curved roots and calcifications there may be a short wait.

With six convenient office locations and a daily practice-wide plan of the day (POD), we direct emergency patients to the office that can not only see them immediately but are in the best position to complete their treatment that same day

Nitrous Oxide is Available:

Upon request, nitrous oxide sedation is available at all of our offices for highly anxious patients. Its use may not be necessary, but some patients are accustomed to its use during their appointments at their general dentists office. When you call for an appointment, let the receptionist know that you would like nitrous oxide and if you use it at your general dentists office.

Doctors on Call:

If a patient of record is experiencing problems, they may call the office where they were treated, at any hour, day or night, seven days a week including all holidays. Our phone answers 24/7/52 (24-hours, 7-days a week, 52-weeks a year) through our answering service. An Associated Dental Specialists doctor is always on call. We know that when a patient is having trouble, it is comforting to know they can find expert help, advice, and care anytime.

OSHA Certified:

For the patients protection, the most stringent OSHA sterilization guidelines are followed. All of our doctors and staff wear gloves, masks and goggles. During certain procedures, patients are encouraged to also wear protective gear. All hand pieces and instruments are wet heat sterilized for patient safety. Lab monitoring is performed routinely.

Specific Endodontist by Request:

We will make every attempt to accommodate a referring dentist who prefers their patient to be treated by a specific member of our endodontic team, or a patient who feels comfortable with a specific Associated Dental Specialists doctor. We are willing to do whatever it takes to make each patients experience comfortable and as worry free as possible.