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Root Canal Awareness Week

This month is Root Canal Awareness month, so we are focusing on addressing concerns and dispelling myths regarding endodontic treatment. For example, many people are afraid of the pain associated with endodontic treatment. However, root canal therapy actually relieves pain, it doesn’t cause it. Most people can return to work the same day after treatment.

Order of Your Oral Hygiene Routine

You’re awake, congratulations! Now, you are standing in front of the bathroom mirror, you’ve been wanting to upgrade your oral hygiene routine but you’ve heard a lot of conflicting information. There are so many tools and what order should you do them in? We’re here to help! If you’ve ever wondered, “What comes first brushing […]

Nanodiamonds: Endodontics in the News!

Could diamonds be the endodontist’s best friend? Previously highlighted for their possible use in dental implant surgery, nanodiamonds are making the headlines again, this time for their potential in assisting with root canal therapy!